Who we are

Kiranan Luxmy
Head of sales

“Kiranan manage the company's strategies, communications with customers and is the project manager in the company. He’s the guy you’re going to talk with.”


Erik Holflod
Head of marketing

“Erik takes care of the administrative, handles the company's strategy and the marketing for Grafikr and keeps the website up to date.``


Anders Sivgaard
Head of Graphics

“Anders is the creative soul and he is very detail-oriented and delivers pixel perfect design to our customers.``


Anders Hviid

“Anders is our genius and code-ninja. He build websites and can build in front- and back-end. “


Rasmus Mikkelstrup
Web designer

“Rasmus is our newest designer on the team. He is also very passionated about developing.``


Emil Stahl
Extern IT-Support

“Emil gives you peace of mind and secure that your website won’t be hacked. ”


Our history

Grafikr got established.

June 2016

First employment.

January 2017

New partner

March 2017

Everything made in house

April 2017

international customer.

May 2017

First local sponsorship

June 2017

To be continued…

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