Why a Shopify online store is the solution for you

Do you dream about running an online shop? Are you dreaming about running an online shop with a simple, quick and manageable day-to-day order summary brought to you? If so, a Shopify online shop is the obvious choice for you. If so, a Shopify online store suits you perfectly. 

Companies we have created results for in Shopify include;

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What is a Shopify online store?

Shopify is also known as a hosted solution. A hosted solution collects everything in your online shop together and hosted on Shopify’s servers. 

With a hosted solution at Shopify, your business is in good hands, leaving you off to focus on your e-commerce company.


Grafikr is certified Shopify Experts

At Grafikr, we have designed and programmed online stores in Shopify since the very beginning. In addition, both Kiranan and Erik have managed online shops using the same platform. As a result of that and several years of experience, we are named official Shopify Experts today. We have adapted every option and tool in the system into our fingers, enabling us to work your special needs (as an online shop owner). 


An easy and manageable
backend system

Most online shop systems today offer solid solutions. So does Shopify. But what makes Shopify a favourite is its intelligent backend system, that quickly provides you with a total overview of your online store.


Analyses and reports

Shopify tells you what percentage of potential customers reach the checkout without buying. What’s more, you are shown a manageable and simply look on best-selling products, your stock-statistics at the warehouse and a list of customers returning to your site.

8 good reasons to choose a Shopify online store


Sell across all platforms with one design that adapts to all screen sizes and devices.

App store

You can easily send newsletters using a variety of apps from Shopify’s App Store.


We can implement any design on your website. You can choose a unique custom-design by us or a template.


Shopify provides around-the-clock assistance, if you need help.

shopify webshop


Do you have a physical retail outlet you need need to connect your online shop? We can set up the link between the online shop and your store.


In your backend you can easily change tags, titles and descriptions. With Shopify, there are no technical difficulties associated with creating on-page SEO.

More languages

With a simple and comprehensive system, you can translate your website into any language. Similarly, you can set up different currencies.

Google Analytics

You can integrate your online store with Google Analytics to enable e-commerce tracking.

Shopify webshop

Certified Shopify Experts

No more than 10 agencies in Denmark are named certified experts.

We have many years of experience creating Shopify solutions and are now certified “Shopify Experts”. To you, it means that working with us guarantees quality results. It is a stamp of quality that fewer than 10 Danish agencies have, and naturally this is something we are very proud of.


If you have ambitious goals for your website, and we know you have, we can highly recommend Shopify. With Shopify, you will reap the benefits of having a user-friendly and manageable system, making it easier than ever to handle orders, edit products, view reports, create on-page SEO and publish newsletters. The list goes on, and there are many more advantages and features.


Shopify recognises, among other things, the importance of having a quick website. Therefore, do not worry that you might end up with a slow website. The files on your Shopify online shop will be added to Shopify’s own CDN network. The speed of online shops created using Shopify is actually so high that it is among the top 5% fastest in the world. A quick website will affect your conversion rate positively.


Our main focus is to create websites and online stores that convert your visitors to customers. We do this by analyzing user behaviour on your website through collected data, in order to find out which tools we need to adjust to increase your conversion rate and your online sales. We are aware that data and design are the key elements to a successful online shop. This is what distinguishes us from the usual type of web agency that base their work on gut feelings. With a Shopify solution from us, your online shop is guaranteed to be a success.

Behind the scenes of a Shopify online store

Here’s an example of an interface at a Shopify store. You can easily see important key figures, such as revenue and number of visitors.

See examples of Shopify stores

MySelfie had an outdated platform in Shopify, but decided to optimize in 2017. We created a new responsive web design for the company and focused on conversion and user experience, and created an effective and welcoming design. After a couple of initial meetings with Thomas and Peter, who manage the daily operations of MySelfie, we created some draft designs for the new store in Photoshop. After a few small adjustments in details, our design was approved and ready to become implemented in Shopify. See the final result of our collaboration here.

Nødderiet is a newly established company, who wanted to begin by having an online presence. Kerim, one of the founders of Nødderiet, chose a Shopify online shop, In recognizition of the easygoing abaility to handle orders and write content on his own. At this online shop you can order nuts on subscription and have quality nuts delivered to your door every month. Click here to see what Kerim had to say about our collaboration.


My name is Kiranan Luxmy, and I am your certified Shopify expert. I’m pleased you have taken the opportunity to read about our services. If you have any questions about Shopify, please do not hesitate to contact me.


E-mail: kl@grafikr.dk

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